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Beautiful Slovakian brunette Aria Rossi has been feeling a little stressed out, so she decides to book a massage with sexy Colombian babe Canela Skin. Canela starts the massage by Aria's feet. Pouring some oil into her hands, Canela rubs Aria's toes, working on her pressure points. Canela then slides her hands up Aria's legs, massaging her hamstrings and booty. As she crawls further up Aria's body, Canela climbs on top of the brunette, and gives her a body rub with her big tits. The ladies kiss in oily passion, and Canela reaches forward to suck Aria's nipples. Taking turns fingering each other, the ladies flip around into 69 position and eat each other out. Making out, Aria and Canela start passionately tribbing, then they make each other cum!
Actors: Aria Rossi Canela Skin
Genre: Lesbian Work Fantasies Sex Feet Fetish Wet Massage Oil 69 Scisso
Year: 2018
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