Boy For Sale – The Boy Austin – Chapter 3 – The Prize – Buyer 1 Master Legrand

I stayed in the corner, waiting and ready. It was our first day together since I was sold and I wasn’t sure what was needed of me. I watched as Mr. Wolf sat on the edge of his bed, filing through papers, a stern look on his face.
He was clearly someone important. Someone who had a lot of expectations on him. Responsibilities and demands. People depending on him. I know how hard that can be. It was easy for me to give up, but I could tell this was a man who thrived on it. Still, I knew it wasn’t my job to simply admire him. I was to serve him.
Hours went by. He sat and worked the day away. And I sat. Still and obedient. Then I thought: maybe he needs a break. A distraction.
It was risky making such a bold move on my own. But I knew he’d correct me if this wasn’t the case. Hopefully he wouldn’t trigger my decorated collar, but I didn’t like seeing my master so stressed.
Crawling from my corner like a puppy needing attention, I moved my way between his legs. He didn’t look up for his papers at first, but once I began to toy with his zipper, he looked down into my eyes. I could see a friendly smile meeting me. He was amused and pleased. Yes! I was doing what he needed.

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