Boy For Sale – The Boy Austin – Chapter 5 – Party Favor – Buyer 1 Master Legrand

Mr. Wolf has been good to me. He’s taken care of me, fed me, and kept me safe. But I know that I’m not his forever. Property changes hands all the time. And I’m no exception.
Tonight Mr. Wolf showed me off to some of his friends. Wealthy and powerful men like him. All prospective buyers. All potential masters for me. I knew I had to impress them. Not just to make Mr. Wolf happy, but to also show my obedience to my future owner.
They sat around and talked for a while. Drinking their expensive spirits from crystal glasses. Talking business, politics, and how they shape the world. It felt like being in the presence of royalty. Perhaps I was.
As they spent their time, I served them, tending to their needs and doing as Mr. Wolf requested. Toward the end of the night, my duties became more involved.
I showed off my body to them at Mr. Wolf’s request. He showed them my most intimate and private parts. Strange men of all different interests, taking their turn feeling my body, my hole, and my cock. They talked about me, evaluating me and inquiring about me as if I wasn’t there. Just an object, no different than any other prized property.

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