Video language: English

We finally found the perfect mask for Bruce (appropriate for his name, no?) so you know what it means... it's his turn to be on the receiving end of the golden stream! He's been dr*nking my p*e a lot in our private life, so we're really excited to finally share this side of our sex life with you. This is actually 2 different clips stitched together so you get even more p*ss swallowing action from Bruce (I have a very small bladder you see!). You also get to see him clean me up with his tongue, finger me and in general make himself very useful for once ;) Hope you enjoy this one - let us know if you want more of this kind of video! - Morgan xx less
Actors: Bruce, Morgan
Genre: Pissing, Urine, Golden Shower
Year: 2018
File size: 220.5MB