Video language: English

Watching Ashley Lane get off is a thing of beauty. When she cums it is almost subtle. There are moans and gasps, to be sure, as the intensity of her experience builds up. She throws her head back and gives breathy, heaving pants as she finally achieves her goal. But unlike some she doesn't buck and scream. She accepts her ecstasy with a quiet, almost resigned grace.<br /> And Ashley has one of the prettiest cum-drunk faces you'll ever see. Her eyes glaze over, she can barely keep them open. The muscles in her face relax from the tense look she had just before her orgasm. She looks sleepy and peaceful, lying there bound on our floor.<br /> She will have a completely different look in a matter of minutes. OT stands her up and uses her as a target for his whip. Suddenly the tension that was wiped away is back. She grits her teeth, hoping to bear down against the sting across her ass. It's effective at first, but the problem is, Ashley is a pain slut.<br /> Soon enough she is soaking wet. When OT starts to push his dildo inside of her again her body accepts it without any resistance, almost greedily swallowing the whole thing into her holes. She wants another Earth shattering orgasm. She wants that look of bliss to come across her face again. And it will, as soon as she has paid for it with her body. <br />
Actors: Ashley Lane, OT
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Torture
Year: 2014
File size: 3.1GB