Video language: English

Part1: Woman in white lace wedding dress<br /> Surprise chloroforming, struggle<br /> Unconscious woman in dress and white shoes<br /> Bondage with leather cuffs and ball gag<br /> Upright suspension<br /> Tasering<br /> Dress cut away with scissors<br /> Woman suspended in white lace lingerie<br /> Flogging<br /> Bra and panties cut away<br /> Fondling<br /> Forced penetration with dildo, vibrator<br /> Release from suspension, bound carry to bedroom<br /> Forced BJ with both men<br /> Rough fondling, struggling on bed <br /> <br /> Part2: Multiple forced 3-way positions<br /> Wrist-to-ankle leather cuff bondage<br /> Vaginal bottle rape<br /> Tasering<br /> Anal dildo penetration<br /> Hair pulling<br /> Double forced BJ<br /> Strangle with blue rope<br /> Vaginal fingering while strangled<br /> Death stare<br /> Final tits-up death pose
Actors: Ashley Lane, Jack Vegas, Anthony Navarro
Genre: fetish, cum in mouth, snuff, choking, bondage, stockings, bottle
Year: 2018
File size: 2.8GB