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Gordon is a chef and has worked all over the country. He has been working for quite some time for an expensive and successful Italian restaurant.<br /> <br /> He is not really looking to make a living off of porn, I think he is just sexually curious.<br /> <br /> Gordon is into women, but after doing a 4-way where he got his ass fucked, he realized he could really take a cock. He invested in toys and they got bigger over the last year or so.<br /> <br /> We picked out a toy for him to use, and I usually steer the guys to the vibrating butt-plugs because they stay in and hit the prostate just right.<br /> <br /> He does his solo and of course gets the hardest when he inserts the rather small butt-plug inside of his ass.<br /> <br /> After doing most of the video, Gordon laid down on his back, and he turned to me to tell me that he really wanted the biggest toy I had. He had pointed out a huge one when we were rifling through the various toys before the video portion, commenting that it seemed close to the one he used at home.<br /> <br /> Wil cameras still rolling, I ran down the hall to get it, slicking it up with lube on the way. I snuck it in on the side table near him.<br /> <br /> He reaches for it, and without barely a hint of trouble gets the toy fully inside, ever so slightly fucking himself with it.<br /> <br /> Gordon could not do that long though. He lodged it deep inside of him and immediately shoots his load. And it is quite the load too!<br /> <br /> All this was such a surprise to me given the humble butt-plug we started with. He clearly is of the mind, ‘Bigger is Better!’
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