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<br /> Juliette is a really cute cheerleader. She prepares for training and puts on white boots. She also searches after her pompons. She leaves the room. Suddenly a guy comes in. He searches after something. He thought there is nobody at home and now he hears some noise. The guy stands behind the door as Juliette comes in with her pompons. He overpowers her with a towel. He lays her down on the floor. Now the guy gags her with a red ballgag and cuffs her wrists with white leather cuffs on her back. He cuffs her ankles also with white leathercuffs. He puts a salvecollar around her neck and attaches a chain. Thereafter he connects the slavecollar with her ankles. Juliette realizes the situation and struggles a lot and tries to roll on the floor. She begs for help but no one can hear her.
Genre: gag, gagged, ball gag, boots, brunette, struggle, cheerleader, m
Year: 2016
File size: 486.4MB