Video language: English

Eliza Ibarra is at the spa waiting for her. As she waits, she reads the morning. When Daisy Stone walks into the work, she notices Eliza passed out on the couch. She taps her on her shoulder and wakes her up, asking her if she's lost. Eliza apologizes saying that she's just waiting for a friend who's getting a massage and must have fallen asleep. Daisy laugh is off that she's fine and informs her if she likes, she could offer her a massage. She does not have any clients and could use the practice. Eliza can not resist an offer that good and replies that she would love a free massage. Daisy asks her to follow her as she led her to the massage area. Eliza sits up on the massage table as Daisy begins working on her shoulders. She notices how tense she is as Eliza informs her that it's just stress from school. Daisy suggests she takes off her clothes and lies down so she can give her. When Eliza asks why she has to take off her clothes, Daisy replies that she would not want to get oil all over them. Satisfied with her answer, Eliza strips down and lies on the table. She massages her body thoroughly. When Daisy licks one of her toes, Eliza jolts up wondering what that strange sensation just was. Daisy lies saying it was just some coconut oil. When she starts massaging the inside of her thighs, Eliza thinks it might be time to turn around and lay on her back. As Daisy massages her breasts, Eliza enjoys the sensation commenting on how good it feels. By the time Daisy starts playing with Eliza's pussy, Eliza loses herself in the sensations.<br />
Actors: Eliza Ibarra, Daisy Stone
Genre: Kissing, Tribbing, 69, Foot Massage, Lesbians, Fingering, Natura
Year: 2018
File size: 990.3MB