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Some guys just can’t decide whether it’s best to top or best to bottom – and who can blame them? Why pigeon-hole yourself when there’s so much pleasure to be enjoyed from both roles? So join this bevy of decidedly undecided buddies as they fuck and get fucked in equal measure. Ray Mannix, Rob Nielsen, Bjorn Nykvist and Noah Matous join forces for a topsy-turvy, flip-flopping ride that has but one guarantee – namely, a jizz-sodden climax from every dick involved - including yours when you order this download to own!
Actors: Johny Cherry, Kellan James, Ray Mannix, Noah Matous, Rob Nielsen, Bjorn Nykvist, Martin Rivers, Victor Rozas, Thomas South, Clyde Walton
Year: 2018
File size: 6.2GB