Video language: English

Juliette is in the bathroom. A man comes in her house searches for money, but he has no time for this, because Juliette is on the way to the bedroom. So the man hides behind the door and he catches her as she comes in. Now the man realizes that she only wears a bathrobe. He touches her breasts and pussy and is really pleased that he catched such a cute girl. She has to kneel down. He pulls down his pants and she has to give him a blowjob. But thats not enough. He drags the belt of the bathrobe and ties her hands together. Then he pulls up her hands and Juliette has to stand. He draws her hands on the ceiling and she bends over and no it's time for doggystyle. Juliette moans. She won't fuck him. But's not her choice. He fucks her from behind and after this they changes the position.
Genre: naken, damsel, doggystyle, tied up, ropes, rope, onscreen tying,
Year: 2016
File size: 328.8MB