Video language: Japanese

Every night "Oukagai" attracts many people because the town gives<br /> people one-night entertainment in which daily nuisances vanish ephemerally.<br /> Gamble, alcohol, cigarette, drug and whorehouse... Here is every kind of pleasures.<br /> It is natural that the light welcomes ones in affluence, so does the darkness ones in poverty.<br /> Tonight a girl is invited into the darkness here, as per usual. <br /> It might be the hell that she eventually arrives in, or...<br /> <br /> The protagonist is a guy who is in charge of training for new employees<br /> in a whorehouse "Yoshiwara Kachou". His job is to instill sexual techniques <br /> into prostitutes in training period. He has lost his innocence long ago <br /> because he has trained a number of budding prostitutes so far.<br /> <br /> One of these days, he has got to take care of a miserable girl Chihaya.<br /> While somehow bewildered by Chihaya's otherworldly atmosphere, <br /> his mind gradually becomes open during which he teaches her various common things.
Genre: Breasts,Kimono/Japanese Clothes,Soapland,History,Internal Cumsho
Year: 2018
File size: 430.8MB