Video language: Japanese

That is a source of strife, created by humanity itself.<br /> Mindless puppets with one purpose... slaughter.<br /> <br /> At their hands, conflicts intensified.<br /> At their hands, the world went down the path of destruction.<br /> <br /> They have no conscious. They do not think.<br /> Just kill, steal, pillage and murder... as commanded.<br /> <br /> That chain of strife called further and the world laid in waste.<br /> In the end, humanity finally chose a correct decision...<br /> To seal every single last Guignol and never use them again.<br /> <br /> While the threat was no longer, the damage had already been done.<br /> For all that lay before the now open eyes of humanity... <br /> ...was a desert of iron and rust... and monstrosities.
Genre: Girl,Married Woman,Serious,Cuckoldry,Violation,Humiliation
Year: 2018
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