Video language: Japanese

Under the pact with a demon sword, she is destined to be mightier by having sex.<br /> <br /> - 26 base CG (405 incl. variants)<br /> - 22x patterns of In-Battle & Pose Art Erotica<br /> - 18x patterns of In-Battle Pixel Art Erotica<br /> <br /> [System]<br /> <br /> * Original Battle System<br /> <br /> In addition to the action-equipped normal battle style, another combat form<br /> named "Knight Mode" that takes place in a command input manner.<br /> When in-battle H scenes are concerned, there also are two different categories:<br /> to see pixel-art erotica and flow of activity log.<br /> <br /> Monsters you have defeated will be registered on the "monster list"<br /> in which you can playback in-battle H scenes.<br /> <br /> * Dress-Up System<br /> <br /> Depending on which cloth she equips, she can seduce different NPCs.<br /> The clothes are related to H scenes. There are 5 clothes kinds of available in the trial version. <br /> <br /> * NPC Seducing System<br /> <br /> All the male NPCs are subject to be seduced.<br /> You can check the conditions of seduction on the spot.<br /> After a seduction has successfully finished, one's impression<br /> will be posted on "Tomcatter", as an additional joy.<br /> <br /> * SEX = EXP<br /> <br /> Erin gains EXP when she has sex with NPCs.<br /> When she wins the battle by seduction, the EXP is doubled.<br /> <br /> * Diverse Pixel Artworks<br /> <br /> In-battle pixel art, pixel art H scenes in NPC seduction, map tips on the filed map etc.<br /> <br /> * Convenient Functions<br /> <br /> High-speed battle, wait command, moving from one place to another, glossary etc.<br />
Genre: Clothes Changing,Dot/Pixel,Maid,Nurse,Bunny Girl,Coquettish
Year: 2018
File size: 321.8MB