Video language: Japanese

A sorceress equipped with strong magic Lily goes to a dungeon for an investigation.<br /> Later she comes to realize that the dungeon is rather a labyrinth that is <br /> infested with peculiar monsters with a habit to absorb magic energy.<br /> <br /> Mainly illustrates Energy Drain/Power Absorption from the heroine's point of view<br /> No ordinary sex, no penetration. A softcore short length RPG with 12 base CG<br /> The game system is designed to provide a stress-free gameplay experience<br /> <br /> Aims to satisfy fans of scenes like:<br /> - a girl gets sexually harassed without penetration<br /> - a girl gets drowned in pleasure of being magic-absorbed.
Genre: Underwear,Vore,Coercion,Interspecies Sex
Year: 2018
File size: 270.3MB