Video language: Japanese

Risa's Erotic Volunteer Works is an HRPG of event-collecting type without battles.<br /> <br /> Risa sleeps with male villagers again and again in order to <br /> become Nyotai-sama of the Nyotai village.<br /> <br /> How To Play<br /> Talk to villagers to know what they want, then get items they want <br /> and give services to them. Her level increases when clearing events.<br /> New events and characters will appear as her level increases.<br /> The very purpose of this game is to raise her level to 20 <br /> and makes her Nyotai-sama (shrine maiden) in the Nyotaimori festival.
Genre: Breasts,Outdoor,Naughty,Orgy Sex,Consensual Sex,Chubby/Plump
Year: 2018
File size: 173.1MB