Video language: Japanese

* Genre<br /> RPG to have a virtual experience of making memories in the summer<br /> <br /> * Synopsis<br /> To visit his grandma's grave, the protagonist ends up staying at <br /> his relative's house for a week where he once lived before.<br /> <br /> Having brought a greeting to the grave, he heads to a shrine.<br /> There he makes a reunion with his childhood friend<br /> Natsumi after seven years of separation. Her body looks fairly<br /> grown, and so does the height of course, so that he was not <br /> really able to notice her at the first glance.<br /> <br /> A story in a summer between... Two grown-ups.<br /> What changes will come to their relationship only in a week......?
Genre: Healing,Pure Love,Consensual Sex
Year: 2018
File size: 128.4MB