Video language: Japanese

When you submit... You get captivated!<br /> A tale of yokai where losing means being squeezed...<br /> You must hang in through monster girls' sexual <br /> seductions and temptations to prove humanity's strength!<br /> <br /> Twelve Heroines!<br /> RPG to survive in a mountain at night!<br /> <br /> <br /> For some reason, the protagonist has got to live in the "Youkai Mountain".<br /> Which means he is always targeted by monster girls that suck man's lifeforce... <br /> <br /> Tentacles, slimy fluid, art of brainwashing...<br /> The monster girls seductions that incorporate magic <br /> will gradually grind down the protagonist's will...<br /> <br /> Sometimes their acts of cumsuckery come with verbal abuses...<br /> And at other times he is courted and generously forced into "male-female relationship"...<br /> <br /> Ogress, huge serpent, spider, automaton, vixen etc...<br /> Youkai that revived from the world of fairy tales, with age restriction <br /> marks given on this occasion, allure you into the pond of evilness...
Genre: Boy,Nonhuman/Monster Girl,Decadent/Immoral,Coquettish,Tanned Ski
Year: 2018
File size: 712.6MB