Video language: Japanese

The stories take place in a small kingdom Node that is under the attack <br /> of formidable armies of the Empire. Six of our protagonists are male <br /> and female soldiers, drifters and commanders. You will see <br /> totally different stories with different protagonists you go with.<br /> <br /> Each protagonist has unique characteristics.<br /> Employs multi-ending system. <br /> The stories are independent of one another, which could be <br /> regarded as six short-length RPGs packed in this game.<br /> However, items and save data are shared among all protagonists<br /> and sometimes one protagonist's action affects the other protagonist's story.<br /> <br /> Most H events fall in the category of violation. Over 100 scenes total.<br /> 16 female characters with own names and H events including female protagonists.<br /> Plus many violation scenes of unnamed mob characters are contained as well.<br /> In most cases, H events are caused when "male protagonist wins / female protagonist loses".<br /> However, some H events integrated in the stories can happen without the condition.<br /> For your information, this game does not contain grotesque expressions although <br /> this is a battlefield r*pe themed fantasy RPG (but maybe some within the range of mild violence).<br /> <br /> Also, despite the fact that the stories go on in a fantasy worldview, almost no <br /> non-human creatures appear and so do other fantasy-ish stuff such as magic spells.
Genre: Warrior,Fantasy,War,Violation,Gangbang
Year: 2018
File size: 202.5MB