Video language: Japanese

In this game, you set traps and creatures in a dungeon so that <br /> a princess knight exploring the dungeon is confronted by erotic mishaps.<br /> Sometimes you need to give her rest, food and treasure chests in order to<br /> keep her parameters and lure her into the depths of the dungeon!<br /> <br /> Includes following erotic elements: <br /> - standing portraits corresponding to status effects<br /> - standing portraits for different levels of equipment damage (armor, underwear, naked)<br /> - cut-ins of erotic attacks<br /> - urination<br /> - masturbation<br /> - trap events <br /> etc etc.<br /> <br /> She will be violated but not in an overly hardcore fashion.<br /> So... this IS for the faint-hearted! ;P
Genre: Woman's Viewpoint,Female Heroine Only,Violation,Interspecies Sex
Year: 2018
File size: 108.7MB