Reckon you’re thinkin’ things is mighty tuckered out down in the holler nowadays. The old mine’s been boarded up so long it’s collapsing into ruins. And the gol durned rain’s keepin’ the menfolk all cooped up. But the horny guys ain’t festerin’. In a funky trailer, the stable’s tack room, an unfinished cabin, and especially that abandoned mine, eleven unshaven, hairy chested, hard bodied and heavy hung TITANMen bust their raging rockabilly gonads loose with a backroads passion that’s just plain dirty.
Holler has five extended scenes-26 orgasms in 3 hours of rugged, sweaty mountain man action-and a surprising finale. When a backpacker is caught in the old mine by two uniformed highway patrol officers– a certifiable daddy and his tight young rookie-he’s roughly disciplined. And when the Tom who peeped at the young boy’s punishment offers consolation, their midnight romance becomes a passionate fisting, capped with some electro-anal kink! The hills of Appalachia are rockin’ with raunch, romance and enough pissin’ to fill the horse’s trough. You’ll be hollerin’!

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