Luca Carrera and Fabien Jacq

This scene is as real as we can make it with the cameras on. The setting- the dorm room attached to the BelAmiChat Studio- isn’t pretty. But, you can be sure variations of this scene have been repeated when the cameras aren’t rolling. Before entering the room, newcomer Luca Carerra is getting himself camera ready with his first “Kevin Supervised” haircut. Unfortunately, Fabien, his scene partner, can’t wait- literally- and starts beating-off before the arrival of Luca or the cameraman. Kevin proves that the spontaneous and playful qualities that make him a great BA model also make him an exceptional cameraman. Fabien, again demonstrating his inability to wait cums soon after Luca begins to rim him. A more experienced cameraman would have stopped the shoot and had the boys return the next day. Kevin keeps it real- letting the scene play out. This decision makes the scene hotter as we now know just how turned on Fabien is. We’re happy with Kevin’s approach and believe that Kevin behind the camera will eventually turn you on as much as he did in front of it.

File Name: FM-102-S1 Luca Carrera & Fabien Jacq
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Duration: 00:17:39

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