Martin Muse and Johannes Lars

Martin Muse and Johannes Lars have been friends for years. They party together and they even work together. They were both up for a promotion and they both thought that they deserved it. This drove a wedge between them and they got into an argument about which one was best for the job. They didn’t want this to ruin their friendship, so they decided to fight for it. They knew that they them fighting would not make one of them get the job over the other, so they added a stipulation. The loser gets fucked in the ass. They begin to wrestle and it’s clear that they like each other. The fighting is not too intense and it seems affectionate. It seems like Johannes has the upper hand at first because he keeps ending up on top, but Martin ultimately gets the best of him. Soon after pinning him down so he can’t move, he pulls dick out of his shorts. It’s already hard from fighting and he slides it in his mouth. Martin then sucks Johanne’s cock eagerly then has him get on his knees so he can ram him in the ass doggy style. Johannes spreads his legs wide taking his friends dick and starts jerking off his own dangling dick before lying on his stomach so he can get fucked deeper. He then gets fucked in the missionary position until Martin straddles his chest, jerks his cock, and cums in his mouth.

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