Video language: English

Pay no attention to the slut inside the box, Juliette. If you can make PD happy maybe you will never have to find out why she is screaming. But, if you are not careful you may learn firsthand why that little remote gets such a big sound out of her. <br /> <br /> Those kinds of cares disappear quickly for Juliette Black. She has her own problems to worry about once PD goes to work. Whatever was happening on the other end of that remote, all she knows is that she wants no part of it. If that means taking a beating, or even a few humiliating violations, it is better than facing the unknown. <br />
Actors: Juliette Black, PD
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Caning, Cock Sucking, Dildo,
Year: 2012
File size: 491.6MB