Nick Vargas and Thomas Fiaty

Nick Vargas lives next door to Thomas Fiaty and they hang out all the time. They often spend time together in each other’s man caves and do some male bonding by listening to music and watching sports. The only thing they disagree about is Nick’s dog. He always poops in Thomas’s yard. One day Tom walked out of his house and stepped right in it. He stormed over to Nick’s house and demanded that he keep his dog in his yard. This was the first time they had argued and they were surprised that, the more they argued, the hornier they would get. That’s when Nick came up with the idea of fighting about it. He suggested that the winner of the fight would get his ass stretched out by the other’s one’s throbbing cock. They are clearly eager to get the match over with because they start fighting with everything they have. Nick is pretty aggressive and makes Thomas tap out twice. He finally accepts defeat and Nick’s huge cock is already rock hard inside his uniform because he knows that Thomas is about to suck it. Thomas loves feeling his friend’s cock in his mouth and his dick gets hard as well. After Nick gives Thomas a blowjob in return, Thomas climbs on top of him while Nick penetrates him deep and plays with his cock. Thomas then puts his head down on the mat with his ass in the air while Nick rams him in the doggy style position.

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