SC-1862 Rusty

For reasons that are not readily apparent, Sean Cody’s cameraman (the daffy one, not the smooth one) becomes obsessed with new model Rusty’s butthole, insisting on showing the blue-eyed stud a close-up in his camera. Rusty takes it all with good humor. I, on the other, just wanted to throw something at the screen.
Because Daffy doesn’t realize that focussing on Rusty’s hole means we get a real closeup shot of his penis, which, my friends, I am sad to report is t-i-n-y.
In the end, though, God is fair, because the rest of Rusty is pretty fucking amazing, from the aforementioned eyes, to his giant, softball-sized biceps and his enormously thick back to a perfect set of pearly whites.
Odds of Returning: Low. I’d say 20%. Rusty seems open-minded and respectful, but strictly straight.

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