Show Me Your Hole, Scene 03 (Tony Buff, Kyle Wood)

Kyle Wood, or The Pig as he is known in Tony Buff’s pack of porn pups, is naked. His smooth body seems exceptionally pale in the dark room. He’s kneeling on a table, rocking back and forth as he plays with his hole. Tony Buff is beside his collared boy, pulling on gloves. He drizzles lube onto The Pig’s taint and it runs down to his hole and puddles there. Pushing the The Pig’s fingers out of the way, Tony uses both thumbs to stretch and separate the walls of The Pig’s hole. Configuring his fingers into a cone, Tony presses The Pig’s sphincter muscles until they release to allow passage of his fist. The Pig arches his back and rears up on his knees. Grabbing his cock allows The Pig to summon greater pleasure and he moves his hand back and forth until his cock tingles with approaching orgasm. The Pig’s seed shoots across the table as Tony’s fist claims another inch. The Pig flips over, still stroking his cock as Tony eases his fist out, massaging The Pig ‘s stretched hole until it reveals the red flower within. Tony stands and quickly unrolls a condom onto his cock. Entry to The Pig’s hole is now effortless. The Pig works to coax a second orgasm from his nuts as Tony pulls out and shoots streams of jism across The Pig’s exhausted body.

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