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Hot str8 guys Erik Jarek and Ignac Nerad are paired in a submission wrestling match. They look so good as they walk in and start some stretching exercises to warm up. With the wrestling mats coated in oil from the start it promises to be a very eventful match, as they slip all over the place. They soon get to grips with each other and are rolling over the mats. In a long first round it often seems that Ignac is prevailing but it is Erik who actually gains the first submission. Then they make things more difficult as they oil each other all over, including groping inside the underwear. When they start to wrestle again those oily bodies are more difficult to grab but they do a great job, as Ignac pulls off Erik's underwear. He tries to gain a hold but Erik is intent on getting his underwear off too. Then, naked, with cocks flailing they continue to grapple with each other. With bare asses shown as they wrestle it is Erik who in next to submit. Ignac is gaining in confidence it seems and dangles his dick in Erik's face as he holds him down. But Erik prevails again for the next point. He also employs some underhand tactics, grabbing cock and balls to win another point. But that only serves to cause his own submission when Ignac copies the tactic. They continue to grapple to get a decent hold and Erik slaps his dick over Ignac's face before he gains the final submission to win the match. Then they settle down for a wank off. They wank each other for a short while too. Ignac is then told to lick and suck Erik's cock too. He does a good job, taking it all into his mouth. Then they go back to wanking and Erik soon shoots a big, creamy, load onto the mats. Ignac keeps wanking his stiff, oily, cock until he milks the cum as well. They clean off each other's dicks and then go to the shower to clean up.
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