Video language: English

Early Spring in London and we were enjoying some unseasonably hot weather, so we took three horny lads, 2 gay and 1 straight out into the warm sunshine for the first outdoor video shoot of the year. Justin enjoyed Reece's PT session so much last time, that he brought Sam along for the ride and both were quick to pounce on Reece and touch up his toned body. Reece loving the attention is soon showing off his hard cock and Justin and Sam are on their knees sucking and licking it like a pair of sex starved teenagers! This is soon followed with Justin on his back, legs in the air and Reece pounding his hungry hole, lots of switching of positions and a couple of great chain fucks, with Justin and Sam taking turns to be in the middle. It’s not long before Justin is cumming all over his abs, quickly followed by Sam while slurping up Justin's load. The two greedy gay boys are then once again kneeling in front of Reece and he rewards them with a creamy facial. 3 happy boys!
Actors: Sam Berkley, Reece Farrell, Justin Harris
Genre: Anal, Muscle, Threesome, Cumshot
Year: 2011
File size: 1GB