Video language: English

The lovely, hard-bodied Mystere is brought to Ogre's chambers by her owner, Max...she is taken to a closet and tied as they discuss and plan her fate...Max comes in to spank and grope her...then clamps on the nipples and Mystere is left to the next scene, Mystere is hoisted into the air by her ankles...Max holds her still as Ogre whips her suspended body...she is let down for a rest and Max enjoys her pussy as she lays tied and tired on the floor...then back into the air for more whipping...In the final scene, Mystere is spread eagle...Ogre takes a few minutes to completely secure her hands...Then Max comes in...he wires her lower tummy with four TENS pads and turns on the unit...the the fucking machine is used on her exposed pussy...Max uses an erocilator on her clit as the fucking machine plunges in and out and the electricity sends cramps through her midsection....Max uses his hand to quiet Mystere though extreme orgasms... Mystere's afternoon of hooded bondage continues in the first photo set where she is naked and hogtied, rolling around on the flattened futon...Then she is tied on a black bench...a rope harness keeps tight hold on her breasts, her hands are tied above her head, her feet are tied together and tethered to the bench, and a rope around her torso keeps her nice and immobile as Ogre comes in for a bit of frontal flogging...After he has had his way, Master Max comes in to have his way...he gropes and taunts the helpless Mystere before unzipping his pants and releasing a huge load onto her stomach...In the last scene, Mystere is tied to a chair...her legs are frogtied and spread and her hands are tied to her outer thighs...Max starts by fingering her pussy...then he makes her suck on a dildo while he inserts another into her pussy...after Mystere is seething with helpless pleasure, a vibrator is tied between her legs and she is left to have forced orgasms...There have been many inquiries about Mystere' and the hood she wears...she is a Spanish media personality with a bit of a Bondage Fetish and the hood is used to conceal her identity...without the hood she would not have been able to shoot with you can see, she really enjoys BDSM and we are very happy that she and her partner, Max, took the chance to shoot with us... <br />
Actors: Mystere Slave
Genre: Bondage, Fuck Machine, Spanking, Torture
Year: 2004
File size: 209.5MB